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Bliznatsite peaks (The twins)

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Twins are two adjacent conical tip of the Musala Ridge in Maritsa East share of Rila - Big Twin ( 2779 m) and Little Twins ( 2772 m). Separated by a saddle . Towering over the circus of Marichini lakes. Constructed of granite and their western slopes steeply down to the valley of the Beli Iskar. Great Twin consists of two vertices connected by a narrow rocky ridge . Twins edge footpath runs between the Musala hut and hut Potter ( avalanche ) .

Twins are hard to climb. They are marvelous views.

In Maritza share rise six of the ten highest Rila tip : Small Twin, Big Twin, Marishki pea,k Mancha, Ovcharets and Pesokliva Vapa . Maritsa portion is separated from Musala through the saddle. Preslap - north of blacksmith share through the saddle. Lower hooks ( Dzhanka ) - the south and saddle Zavrachitsa separates it from Zavrachishkiya share Ibur main . The emotion was so great that it is difficult to describe ! The pleasure of meeting with nature is much stronger than the transition fatigue ! The objects of the so-called . Musalenska trilachka : South beam - Big Twin Peak ( 2,779 m ) and Mount Little Twins ( 2752 m ) , Malak twin continuing further south and once round the left ( east ) small scale , short steep descent through the drift to less intermediate tip , hacking it (in pegs ) on the left and begin to get on the next big twin peak ( 2774 m ) near the edge , shortcutting slightly to the left ; mistake is to follow the route of the summer trail - again not difficult, but she later appears on the steep side slope. Immediately before the summit slope increases, but the snow in this place is not much and we in him and protruding stones come out above ( 1 h 40 min ) . Two or three feet below the top level has a stake wife in remembrance spending the night in this place a tourist caught in a blizzard . Great twin peak of the south coming about three hundred meters are narrow in places with four edge rocky gendarme blocking it . However, they are not very difficult - as can be climbed and be sore and the left and right (especially good snow) . Edge ends with a little tip , which we take an even narrower but it does without any protruding rocks .

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