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Evil Tooth peak

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The Evil Tooth Peak is one of the most beautiful peaks in Bulgaria . Alpine has a strong character and viewed from different places look quite differently. Located in the Rila and 2678 meters high near the top are Orlovec, Kamilata, Two-headed , Lovnitsa , Large Kupen, shelter BAC and others. Preferred starting point for the top is Maliovitsa . A major challenge for many hikers is winter ascent , it can be done in the South Eastern edge or ridge . Distinctive name comes from the top that has a shape resembling a canine and very sharp. That's what you have to speak and he went to the highest point is little more normally climb and depending on the season and which side will try you should be prepared . Ask and possibly turn to experienced mountain guide , if you will have acquired . Summer, some of the sections are very steep but convenient route is via the " Evil crossing " of course with good concentration and caution. In summer you do not need produce custom climbing equipment, unless you have decided to climb more extreme. In winter, things are quite different and we advise you to prepare really well. For winter ascent of Mount Evil Tooth, you need at least pickax , cats , seat , helmet and is therefore better to use ropes with carabiners necessary if you are a group . The presence of an experienced guide is a must. The transition to the top is a charming and can combine it with the climb and other peaks and go along the edge of the largest alpine plumb in Bulgaria ( 460m. ) If Evil Tooth crossing deviate to the left and start to climb , you will reach Lovnitsa peak and then to the Great Kupen . Warning: the evil crossing first path is easy to climb , but eventually becomes quite steep and inexperienced tourists falter ! Do not despair - do not need any equipment for alpine climbing of that trail in summer only move with caution. When shooting from different directions tip has a different form, but it is always interesting because of the rocky pinnacles , which was built - some directions Evil Tooth looks like a perfect pyramid other is asymmetric , third hand like a premolar or molar. Interesting metamorphosis .

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