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Kabul peak

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Kabul Peak is high 2,531.1 m asl and is located in the Rila Mountains.

Kabul defender " caretaker " of the famous Seven Rila lakes in the west. Even if we look at this place only externally , geographic, we see that Kabul protects one of the most beautiful places in the world. This makes the top special.

In Bulgarian dictionary with author Assen Botev says that Kabul is a word that goes from Arabic into Turkish, and Bulgarian has the following meanings : bet , bet stipulation agreement and kabulya explained as a stand. In the famous dictionary of N. Guerov Kabul explained by two words : "no inducing Kabul, not kabulya " and " inducing , worth kabula ." The first is explained as I do not accept second - as a host .

Although high ( 2,531 m ) , unlike its neighboring peaks Otovishki , Kalinite, Haramiata , Tashmandra (Baba Rada ), which are typical alpine forms - the rocky , broken , sharp , serrated Kabul looks rather Rhodope peak - soft rounded , grassy .

Kabul is grazing peak , although sheep today are an endangered species - more rarely see any herd in the mountains. South of Kabul Otovishki hill behind it - the valleys of the Great and Little wood lice . In the past, these places are called large and small Pazardere . Here was one of the largest cattle market of Thrace to the Aegean . If someone wanted to buy a new herd , come here , negotiating terms with his old owner, they shake hands and say " Kabul " - agrees . With this magic word is " stamped " legalization , the act of buying and selling the herd.

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