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Kalin peak

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Kalin peak is one of the many beautiful and picturesque peaks, with which is rich Rila, situated in Southwestern Bulgaria. Kalin actually unites two points which are almost identical, reach the same altitude and are often called twins. Conventionally known as the Large and Small Kalin and Kalin 1 and 2 - they are readily available from one another , and generally peak Kalin is probably the highest point in Bulgaria , to which can be reached by car : an altitude of about 2,450 m . Kalin is easily accessible from popular Ivan Vazov hut , which is located in the Big Pazardere 2300 masl The chalet is located on the banks of Bistrica River , northwest of the peaks Large and Small Kalin and southeast of Mount Otovitsa . Very close to the top Kalin is located Kalin Dam. Transition from the hut to the summit is about an hour and a half. From the hut in the direction of peak Kalin goes south to the watershed between the valleys of the rivers Bistrica / the right / and Eleshnitsa / left / from which the uploading on the slope of Mount Kalin . Climbing the large Kalin is quite steep so it's worthwhile to move slightly to the right on it. Kalin peak is situated at 2,668 meters above sea level, it is made up of several groups of large boulders . To reach by Kalin 1 to Kalin 2 must cross the crown in the west, which joins them together . In western tip Kalin is placed at the same altitude and the transition to it is little more than an hour. On the very top there is a concrete triangular sign that the place is so pleasant to take pictures . From the peak Kalin finds extensive views of the surrounding Tsarev peak Rizvanitsa , Belchevitsa and extended Great Bear Peak , Mount Angelov , Rusalia, and in the most extreme point of view is visible and Pirin Mountains. In the south of the tip is visible and highest placements dam in the country - "Kalina" , which is 2,394 meters above sea level.

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