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Malomalyovishki Lakes

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Malomalyovishki lakes, called Camel Lakes are a group of two lakes of glacial origin located in the northwestern part of the Rila Mountains. They were formed between Mount Camel ( 2621 m altitude ) and Black Rock Peak ( 1761 m altitude ) . Because of this are often called Camel lakes. The larger of the two is Lake Superior , the area reaches 1 ha . The smaller lake is often dry in the summer. Their other name derives from the fact that they are located near Little Maliovitsa peak ( 2640 m altitude ) . The lakes are drained by small stream Maliovitsa the River Maliovitsa under hut " Maliovitsa ." Camel circus lakes is rarely visited and stay away from the most popular tourist destinations in the Rila Mountains. Every avid mountaineer or hiker would, however, appreciate that loneliness and isolation from the outside world . Beautiful panorama of lakes you can do from the top of Black Rock . It reveals Breathtaking views of the peaks and Kabul, Ears, Damga , Mramoretz , Maliovitsa, Camel, Lovnitsa , Kupenite , Popova kappa, Lopushna peak. Starting point for Malomalyovishkite lakes may be very hut " Maliovitsa ." Take the path to the Scary lake , and you'll see the lakes from the right path on the northern slope of Mount Camel . Follow climbs and descents and overgrown with dwarf , but the lakes are extremely beautiful lake group which is worth a visit. Nearby you can visit these tourist sites: Malyovishki Lakes and Mount Ears , Scary lake , Mount Camel, The Tooth Peak ( 2678 m asl ) Elenski lakes, Yonchevo lake.

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