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Marichini lakes

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Marichini Lakes are two glacial lakes, located in the eastern part of Rila Mountain. They were formed in deep Marichin cirque between Mount Marishki Chal peak Bliznatsite and peak Mancha . Of these springs Maritsa River - the largest drainage basin in Bulgaria , after the Danube. In 1951, the territory in which there are two lakes is a nature reserve with an area of ​​1,510 hectares . Only 100 hectares of it , however, is covered by forests . This is due to the high altitude, which is reserves - over 2,700 meters. In this territory covered and the highest peak in Bulgaria and the Balkans - Musala ( 2925 m asl ) . Reserve Marichini Lakes is home to one of the largest deposits of Rila primrose in Bulgaria . There are also wild goats, and one of the highest parts and several eagles.

Marichini two lakes are surrounded by majestic hills and peaks. A panoramic view that you have captured the heart of every tourist ! Marica lower lake reaches a length of 140 meters and width of 145 meters and a depth of 5.5 meters. If you visit the lake in the spring, you will be able to enjoy the violet- pink meadows around it - flowering crocus gives this romantic color of nature around the basin . Mountain crocus is endemic that is found only in the Balkans. Begins to bloom the first spring melting of ice drifts , but can occur even in the summer - along unrendered is still ice . Over Lower Marichin lake of 2,378 m above sea level, is located above Lake Marica . With its length of 230 meters and width of 93 m and depth - 10 meters, it is the larger of the two lakes Marichini . It is characterized by steep and rocky shores. Both lakes are artificially stocked with fish. Most often they occur trout. Starting point for these two paradises of Rila Lakes is hut Maritza , which can be reached through the village Raduil .

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