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Ovcharets peak

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Ovcharets a peak in located in East Rila. Highest is 2,768 meters, closely related to peak Pesokliva Vapa . It is made of granite. Characterized by steep scree slopes . The western part is cut into small Ovcheretski circus .

Until 1942 the name is Yurushki Chal .

At stake in the Maritsa East Rila are five of the ten highest Rila tip : after Yurushka Chal ( Ovcharets ) 2769 meters is Marishki peak 2765 m , Mancha Big Twin 2779 m , 2777 m Little Twin altitude and finally Musala !

After about an hour unexpectedly difficult climb peaked Ovcharets . Here is a great view of the Pirin to the south Vihren Foal Todorka with slopes of the Rhodope Mountains southeast Skakavtsite even Maliovitsa west . Path of the ridge is narrow, and the west side has deep precipices beyond which are seen the tops of Central Rila. Somewhere farther away is the Aegean Sea. But you need a lot of imagination and an eagle glance, it can be seen.

From the peak Pesokliva Vapa can return to the mark and go to peak Ovcharets .

The ascent of Mount Ovcharets can do this by leave of the city Yakorouda . Up waiting a very narrow and steep road , dotted with large holes . You get up and up until you see the exit . Shortly before this hotel is located Treshtenik ( 1,695 m ) . , Where you can spend the night . Go early in the morning because there is a lot to see , but it is going a bit. There are two options , but take the route north of the hut Potter of Mount Ovcharets , because it is picturesque.

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