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Rila Skakavitsa

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The largest waterfall on our highest mountains - Rila - located in Kyustendil Municipality , 85 km from Sofia. It is called Rila Skakavitsa and its waters descend mightily at 1750 meters above sea level at the foot of Mount Kabul from those seventy meters.

Copious at all times of the year, even in the summer , drawing strength from Skakvishkoto lake and multiple streams on the slopes of Mount Kabul. In winter the water froze in the amazing combination of icicles and ice forms. Then is suitable for ice climbing .

Located 10 - minutes from the hut Skakavitsa and is very easily accessible and convenient for all seasons . In the winter should be careful though, as there is a danger of landslides and avalanches .

Path to the waterfall from the village Panichiste . The trail starts at the visitor center of the Rila National Park in the village . Walk in the direction Pionerska and after about 45 minutes in the area deviates Green Preslap to hut Skakavitsa .

Might get from Rila Lakes hut . Began to walk from the top station of the cable car in green marking and takes about an hour and a half. Come and Kidney lake in red marking for two hours and a half.

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