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Rilets peak

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Central Rila is the smallest part of the mountain and is known mostly with glacial lakes that are located there: Fish , Dzhendemski , Monastery . This part is the largest glacial lake in the Balkan Peninsula - Stinky Lake. Here towering peaks Rock Black Meadow , Little and Big Skakavets , Rilets . Between the rivers Levi and Beli Iskar creepy rises secluded ridge of Skakavtsite - Large Skakavets , Small Skakavets , Pchelina and Holy Spirit . Once the path of beasts from Samokov to Rila monastery passes through direct river , starting from the valley of Beli Iskar.

Rilets ( also referred to as celebrated in the old maps with the name Djendema ) is a mountain in the middle part of the Rila Mountains . It rises in the southern end of a short, rough along the ridge crest , which bears the same name with the tip and in the past was known as Smelly Chal . Rilets naked rocky peak and rises to a height of 2713 m Peak offers breathtaking views Malyvishkiya share of northwestern Rila. Stinky Lake is the largest glacial lake in Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula. Located in the central part of Rila situated in the circus between the peaks Rilets and Kyoravitsa .

By Ribni lakes reaches Mermerski Preslap , then goes up the Riletsko share by going there on the ridge , bypassing tops Rilets , Theodosius, Karauli, Baba .

There is no more beautiful place in Bulgaria like it. Worthy rival in beauty Riletsko share is only Belemeto in Pirin. Who knows Maljovitza share and now consider it from here remains trapped forever in this beauty. This hill is so high as to be seen from it all Rila except hills behind Musala share.

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