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Route Belmeken lake - Slavov peak

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The starting point of the route is the lake " Belmeken " , located 1923 meters above sea level, along the river Sestrimska . It is part of Rila cascade " Belmeken - Sestrimo - PSHPP " and is one of the most picturesque and attractive tourist places in the highest Bulgarian mountain. Starting point for the dam village Sestrimo ( Beljovo municipality , province Pazardjik)

Routes Slavov peak ( 2306 m altitude ) starts from the very face of the dam " Belmeken " and there is a serious length of 17 kilometers and a half. The place in which ponds form a large peninsula , the route is diverted eastwards , taking along a dirt road surrounding the top of the East.

From here you can go straight up to the edge of the sloping lateral rib that goes exactly Slavov peak. It should be borne in mind that the weather in the area of the lake " Belmeken " is changing very rapidly and possibly traveling in ideal weather conditions, and find yourself in the middle of a storm or a sudden fall fog.

The transition from the dam " Belmeken " to Slavov peak is quite long duration , but it does have a low level of difficulty. There are no major climbs , the displacement between the lowest and the highest point is relatively small (less than 350 m ) , and the route runs along a pleasant , covered with grass slope, in which here and there have grown conifers .

Going by the lake " Belmeken " Slavov to peak and return back usually takes no more than 5-6 hours , but if you make an effort and do not hurry, you can be fun and much more . This, however, should not bother you because you are one of the most cultivated areas of the Rila Mountains.

The trail is relatively easy and suitable for beginners , older travelers and groups with small children. Likely to lose virtually no because the track provides constant visibility to the exit point. The only thing you really need to take care of before you leave is to be informed by a reliable source for weather forecasts . A storm peak Slavov really would not be good for at least your mood , because the area is bare and there is nowhere to hide .

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