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The route from the hut "Fish ponds " to Mount Water Chal is relatively difficult and is suitable for experienced hikers in good physical condition . Follow the trail to " Maliovitsa " to the point of intersection with the river Marinkovitsa . Then the route climbs the ridge until it reaches the short side his shoulder , leading north .

The highest point of this mountain is Mount branch Pogledets ( 2691 meters altitude ) . Hence the route follows the crest of the hill Marinkovitsa west . In this part it is also known as the Water Chal , the name of the highest peak ( 2683 m ) . Transient side ridge offers exceptionally beautiful views Riletsko ( Dzhendemski ) hill, at the foot of which are some of the most picturesque glacial lakes in Bulgaria - Fish , Smradlivoto and Karagyol .

Climbing Mount Water Chal is not particularly difficult , but care must be taken for the weather, which , incidentally , is true for any mountain path , especially when it comes to the highest mountain on the Balkan Peninsula. It has a great view of the whole central part of Rila. It is an enormous mountain pasture , dotted here and there with rocks and is very attractive in spring and autumn.

At the foot of Water Chal is located saddle Kobilino reservation that Vasil Levski was used to traveling in Bulgaria to reach from Samokov to Rila Monastery. Legends have stayed here many times and St. Ivan Rilski , so besides offering us the whole of the beauty of nature , the route and allows us to touch the places of some of the greatest personalities in Bulgarian history.

To return from the Water chal to hut "Fish ponds ", you can select multiple routes. However, if you do not have enough experience in the mountains , stick to familiar paths as likely to get lost or fall into a sudden fierce storm raged never be ignored . The easiest way to get to the starting point is to head to the tip assembly ( 2620 m ) and from there to use as a reference Yossifitsa ( 2696 m ) at the foot of which lies "Fish ponds " .

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