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The tourist route from Rozino ( Karlovo , Plovdiv District) in the Old handsaw and Baba shouts for hut " Stena " starts in the center of the village and takes about 6 hours. Takes to tunnel under the railway line , where a wide dirt road reaches the southern slopes of the Balkan Mountains. At the outset of the transition passes the phenomenon Bulski stone and continues finishes with a nice forest slope of Rozinskata ratlina where ( about an hour after the start of the course ) is reaching its crest in the area Popova levels ( Adzholtarla ) . An beautiful views of the sheer cliffs and Kendabalkan and goat wall.

Here the route continues north through dense beech forest on a dirt road that gradually turns into a trail . After about an hour it reaches the site level ( Dyuzalan ), which crosses the new road and several trails leading from the main road to Panitsite ( Chanakchiite ) . After level path takes to the northeast and crosses the ridge descending from Strawberry Fields and depart to the north -northwest , gradually descending to cross steep slopes covered with mixed forest , meadows and moss .

The route leads to the picturesque riverbed Damladere , reaching it in the long meadow in Old handsaw , where there are remains of facilities for sawing logs. From here take the road coming from the village of Hristo ( Karlovo , Plovdiv District) as it passes under a series of impressive cliffs and overlook the place where flowing Babadere to reach a point (after about 20 minutes ), where the trail to " Stena " deviated from the main road.

The trail follows the side towards the main ridge rib Uzunburun Stara Planina ( Long nose) . From the trail becomes quite steep , serpentine describing the watershed crest of the hill . After some time, however, the slope gradually decreases and about an hour after departure leads to the building representing stock of the hut . At this point crosses the dirt road that connects the tracks following the valleys and Damladere Kurudere and continue along the path enters an old beech forest.

From serpentin shape reaches the ridge overhanging rock formations Chiflishki pens for about an hour to reach one of the most beautiful lodges in the Central Stara Planina - " Kozya Stena ", which is just above them.

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