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Historic Landmark

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Rupite is a small mountain village located in the southeast of Blagoevgrad, about 10-12 km from Petrich, the right bank of the Struma River. The area is a crater of an extinct volcano and its image is formed by volcanic hill casing, thermal springs and hill apiary.

The name "casing" is derived from the shape of the hill, resembling nametnat jacket. Highlight his point is 281 meters above the sea, but due to the small altitude Petrich field, rises like a real mountain

Jacket mountain was declared a natural monument in 1962 because of its interesting origin and spread this rare species of flora and fauna.

Rupite long has acquired a wide reputation as the place, which is charged with energy and took home the most popular Bulgarian prophet Vanga Gushterov, called by the people - 'Vanga' (3.H.1911 11.VІІІ.1996-on ).

According to legend, when Vanga was 6 years old and appeared an angel and offered to choose between sight and clairvoyance, and she has chosen the latter. Subsequently acquired proritsatelski and healing abilities and earn many admirers and followers, a vision that gets in Varna flooded with water leads to the discovery of a large underground lake located in the city.

Vanga was asked why she stayed in this place. And she replied:

- I have some time how to stay here. This place here is very special. It serves as my battery and I treat him energy and strength. Once there was a terrible fire burned, while the ridge above us lies a great secret. "

In 1992, the prophetess built church St. Petka Bulgarian, immediately became a place of pilgrimage for thousands of needy people. The icons of the iconostasis were painted by renowned artist Prof. Svetlin Roussev, as images of saints are too realistic and not approved by the Holy Synod. Most people, however, like them, as evidenced by the endless stream of visitors. Nearby can be seen and the house of Aunt Vanga.

Adjacent to the complex hot springs mineral water at 78 0C and flow 35 l / sec. Part of the water is impounded and the pipeline was taken to the town of Petrich. The rest formed gyolove, which can be seen seeking deliverance from various diseases people.

Each year Rupite on 15 August (Assumption) traditional fair is held. There are treats, toys and clothes. Are playing traditional music from Bulgaria Yugozapadna and dancing locals. Popular sporting events during the event are football and folk wrestling.

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