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Rousse is a city with 23 centuries of history that begins with the construction of a Thracian settlement, the successor of which in Roman times became the fortress Sexaginta Prista ("port to 60 ships). It is a military center and naval station. Occurs during the reign of Emperor Vespasian, 69-70, as part of the fortification system along the northern Danube frontier of the Roman province of Moesia, established 15 years after Christ. Central part of town known for its unique architecture of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. In the old buildings were widely covered baroque styles, modern, Neoclassicism and Secession. The style of many of them influenced by the Viennese architecture. Buildings, monuments are over 260. Most sights are concentrated in the city center. (Museums, monuments, theater, opera, hotels, restaurants and cafes, souvenir shops). Some sites are part of the hundred tourist sites of the SIP.

Monument of Liberty in Rousse was built at the beginning of XX century by the Italian sculptor Arnoldo Tzoki. The statue on top is a figure of a woman holding a sword in his left hand, pointing to the right direction from where the liberators came. Nowadays Dohodno building (Theatre Sava Ognyanov ") is considered a cultural monument and a symbol of the city. The main street of the city is Alexandrovska. An architectural ensemble of buildings in the style of Neoclassicism, baroque and others. "Vienna House, as they called in Ruse, is the most beautiful house in the city. Finished in 1900, materials were selected very carefully and shipped in special orders from around the world. The rooms are decorated cabin with frescoes in the style of Pompeii painting. The bedrooms are hand-painted wallpaper. About 20 km from the city park is located Rousenski Lom. Here is the only active rock monastery in Bulgaria near the village Basarbovo. 10 km from Rousse is the largest forest park Lipnik.

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