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Youth Park Ruse

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Youth Park is located close to the Danube and is an extension of the center of Ruse. Until it can be reached by car and foot. Entire length passes for about 20-30 minutes. During the time the park is called by different names - Saidpashova Bahcha , Vladikova Bahcha , Freedom Park is now just Park of Youth. In the mid- 20th century it was the site of a stadium and a hunting lodge , but they are destroyed after the bombing of the Anglo -American aviation. In 1953 park was built with new lanes and other facilities for entertainment. Now it is the largest urban park in Rousse. Driveways , gardens and lawns are well maintained and offer the possibility of a long and beautiful walk. In the emblem of the park becomes " Vase " - 3 - 4 foot tall metal structure , filled with earth in the shape of a vase whose surface is planted with flowers. When the flowers grow and blossom, it is a unique beautiful work of art that is a favorite spot for photos and enjoyed all around. Nearby is specially built of large boulders and steep trails Rockery . Central alley , across the park along its entire length , leads to the building of the English High School, which was once a Catholic boarding school. Another leads to a staircase that descends to the first railway station in the country , built in 1866 , and today - " National Museum of the transport movement ." Numerous benches they provide a place for recreation . There are not a few restaurants, each with a playground so that it is convenient to go there with children. At the end of the park has tennis courts and a swimming pool. And if you can get to the Rosary during the month of May will be rewarded with a wealth of flavors and colors. Along with their precious green heritage, today the park to keep the youth and the oldest monument in Rousse. This is called " Tsarev Stone" - marble column with an inscription in Arabic, which marks the visit of Sultan Mahmud II in the city in 1837. It is therefore also known as Mahmoud column. It is a place where local citizens ever met the Sultan. Thus, apart from a haven of calm and pleasant walks , a place for children's games will and pleasant experience , an amusement park is also a place for cultural and educational tourism , which each guest or resident should visit .

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