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Saparevski monastery

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Sapareva banya

The monastery, named in honor of St. Archangel Michael , the chief angel , chief guardian of Heaven and chief guardian of God's law, is located near the village Saparevo, Sapareva banya . Orthodox monastery situated in the valley of a small stream in the folds of the Rila Mountains.

The monastery is built around the medieval church "St. Archangel Michael . " It is believed that it was built in the second half of the XV century Evidence of this are preserved to this day and the southern part of the eastern wall . That once this place was a great Christian monastery destroyed by the Turks , testify and reveal the extent of ground during the excavation of the new building . The rest of the church was built during the Renaissance. An inscription in the lunette on the eastern wall refers to the restoration of the church in 1863.

The dimensions of the church and the nature of the mural decoration give reason to believe that in the beginning the church was a temple of the monastery , convent or skiing. It has been renovated several times - in 1895 , 1977 and 1997 A recent repairs around the church were built new buildings , tower and fence , which together form a church monastery monastery of the same name . The dedication of the new building of the monastery on November 8, 1997 - at Michaelmas , and then present head of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church - Patriarch Maxim.

Nowadays the monastery "St. Archangel Michael "is not valid . Until it can be reached from the square in Saparevo . The road to the monastery is 1.5 km long . It runs along the river road and after about 800 meters after the last houses in the valley reach the monastery.

The Orthodox Church celebrates the day of the saint - Michaelmas , on November 8th.

Curious attractions just waiting to be discovered by you in Separeva banya area are many. This spring the hottest water in Europe. It's about the geyser fountain whose waters have a temperature a few degrees higher than the Italian Sofioni and Dzhurzhitela . Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Rila monastery of the White Brotherhood - so say the followers of the occult teaching of Peter Dunov call him the Master. Nearby is incredible Skakavitsa reserve , which is home to rare plants , ancient forests , natural phenomena and a variety of animals. Last but not least , visit the Sourse Holy Mountain , popular with locals for its healing properties.

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