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Historic Landmark
Hotalich City-Fortress

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Logical thought of archaeologist Simeon Simeonov makes it possible today to know where the medieval walled town Hotalich . Until the 70s of XX century, scientists have evidence that it exists , but they have no idea where it is located . Simeonov found that if the two cities Hotalich and Servir for some time existed in parallel , they should be close to each other. Thus began excavations near the town Servi .

According to archaeologist Prof. Nikolay Ovcharov Hotalich a fortress with the reserved outer cities in Bulgaria . He defines it as a kind of ghost town since has remained troubled past centuries.

The fortress city is located 4 km from Sevlievo on a hilly area called Krushevska Mountain. It appeared in V-VI century as a military stronghold . In X century , restored by the Bulgarian state , becoming the largest city - fortress in size after the capital Pliska , Preslav and Tarnovo. Hotalich is picking Bulgarian lands from barbarian invasions from the north and south of the Byzantine Empire . Nowadays, every lover of history, is required to visit the castle , as it is one of the best excavated and exposed settlements in the Middle Ages. After excavations on display out four distinct " neighborhoods " separated by walls . Buildings , residential and commercial , have been nearly ninety , and some of them were on two floors. Curious view are preserved pottery kiln . They are currently part of the permanent exhibition at the historical museum , Sevlievo - visitors can see them loaded with containers , ready for cooking .

Hotalich to see two Christian temple quadrangular tower, which gives a direct visual connection with all the surrounding forts and citadel . Fort has five gates and around the church were discovered two large necropolis ( cemetery ) . A curious fact is that so far the richest tomb was a young woman with a child, located on her thighs Thanks preserved jewels on her arms , her neck and her clothes , scientists can determine what was the woman's costume during those years . Reconstruction of the face of the young woman did talk much about the appearance of women then - Boyar , as it is called , was to elongated and elegant lines , thin lips, straight nose , slightly narrowed eyes and a high forehead .

If you Hotalich impressed by the writing , go to the site and see how it appeared a true medieval city, which are fluidized intensive commodity exchange with other centers in Bulgaria and trade relations with Byzantium and the Latin Empire . Fort -city is very close to Sevlievo - the birthplace of famous personalities such as Bulgarian poetess Mara Belcheva and wrestler Dan Koloff . Interest in Hotalich definitely big, as in 2012, namely the Knights Templar Grand Priory of Bulgaria initiated a restoration and study of the castle !

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