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Lednitsata hut

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Shiroka laka

Hut Lednitsata are located in the Sovatya and is a two-story building, which can accommodate up to 72 people. Bathrooms and washrooms are outside , and the building is water and electricity . Winter is heated with solid fuel pechki and offers tourists a seasonal restaurant and kiosk. Until it can be reached from the village of Luka wide for two and half hours on the trail in neighborhood Gela .

In the neighborhood are the huts Perelik located four and a half hours , hut Chairski Lakes - five hours, hut Trigradska on seven . You can reach Shirokolushki Snejnik peak ( 2188 m ) for two hours , and the cave Lednitsata, which is half an hour.

The trail to the cave is a real challenge if you choose to go by car . On the other hand marking to it lacking in many paths , so many people choose to try to reach by car. However, for those who love adventure and orientation - especially the paths leading from the cabin and facilitate marked enough.

If you go by car starting from Gela, the past seven and a half kilometers bumpy road in dry weather , but departure by car is impossible - if you do not go, it certainly return .

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