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Silistar beach

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Silistar beach is located one kilometer from the road between the villages Resovo Sinemorets the territory of the same name protected area, which is part of the Natural Park "Strandja". He has earned fame as one of the most beautiful and tranquil beaches on the Black Sea coast.

Namely the status of protected area had protected Silistar the fate of most beaches along our coast, so it is not indiscriminate built. On the contrary - here live many protected species such as the black stork, woodpecker, Stock Dove, vulture. Unique combination of beautiful forest, beautiful beach and crystal-clear sea here annually attracts hundreds of fans Holidaying in nature, away from the noisy and crowded traditional resorts.

The water of the sea in Silistar and clear, shallow very far and the beach, covered with fine, soft sand, is about one kilometer. Dense and beautiful forest goes to the coastline, and nearby there are rock groups, ideal for snorkelers. Of course, Silistar provides excellent opportunities for a whole range of beach and water sports. For solitude and silence contributes to the fact that all along it has built a single institution, offering refreshments. Commercialization is not completely bypassed Silistar as here are built and paid parking zone paid umbrellas and wooden tents.

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