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Ecopath The Springs of Arda River

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To get to the starting point of the trail " Springs of Arda " must come out of Gorna Arda ( Smolyan Municipality ) , we pass the junction for Rechani neighborhood and get to the gate of the former wire enclosures ( heavily guarded border zone). Then go on the road and we pass the junction for Bilyanska neighborhood .

Ecopath " Springs of Arda " is well marked , relatively short and easy to navigate. This, combined with the stunning scenery of the mountains, makes it attractive for many tourists , even beginners, groups, children and the elderly. Additional attraction of the area makes the fact that until recently he was part of the heavily guarded border zone with Greece - ideological enemy of our people republic. Decades of isolation has turned the place into a real reserve , keeping the rich and diverse flora and fauna.

Along the first part of the eco-trail is quite good tourist infrastructure. Around it is full of authentic Rhodope building converted into attractive outdoor facilities perched in the picturesque scenery . There are two reservoirs with trout, oven cooking barbecue , which was an old custom of the water wheel . Needless to specify that and rest areas along the path are not few.

In establishments sound completely in style , you can try different local specialties such as barbecue, grilled trout dishes prepared tikla or zest patatnik pie or homemade yogurt . If you want, you can even catch the fish yourself. Among the drinks stand prepared from berries juices. In this region there is a shelter with 80 beds devoted to big eco celebrations such as weddings. From here you can head to the horse riding the peaks Mramoretz and Kom .

From restaurants to springs of Arda is only a half hour a lovely forest path . Finish the main source of the river at the foot of Ardin peak ( 1730 m altitude ) is designed cozy relaxation area where we can enjoy the beautiful bubbling waters that subsequently arose one of the largest rivers in Bulgaria .

The springs are marked with information boards . From here you can return to the village of Gorna Arda , passing a marked and distinct path running along the Bulgarian-Greek border. Throughout its length grow beautiful wild flowers , herbs and edible fungi. Ecopath " springs of Arda " is easily accessible , friendly and will welcome you with wondrous beauty. You can take it in all seasons , but it is advisable to do so during the warmer months .

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