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Nadarska Cave

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It is 6 km. away from the cave Uhlovitsa in Chervenka area in the Smolyan region. Included in the trail that starts from Mogilitsa - Golubovitsa Cave - Mt Cherkovata - Cave Nadarska - Mogilitsa with total length : - 11.1 kilometers . The length of the route is about 5 hours and there are shelters and places for relaxation. By Mogilitsa by road reaches the village Kiselchevo and from there on a forest road after 1.3 km leads to the village Nadartsi . It marked trail through the area '' kremaneto '' that leads to the entrance of the cave.

Visited by tourists with a guide from the Tourist Board Mogilitsa . There are no exact data on the intensity of tourist flow . Cave permanently dry one floor and without any branches. Its total length is 55 meters and the displacement is 10 meters. It is extremely rich in cave formations - stalactites and stalagmites . The cave was used during the active period as a random refuge of single bats.

The cave was used by our ancestors as a comfortable place to live because it offers protection from the elements - rain, cold . The " Nadarska cave ", found ceramic is uncharacteristic , Thracian and may refer to the whole of the first millennium BC . Ceramics from the early Iron Age is left of the Thracians, who inhabited these areas at this time.

The cave is well laid out and lit. It is the oldest caves in the area, but is not protected object. Entry into it is only with special equipment and driver.

Mogilitsa known and preferred destination for tourism because of the famous National Revival " Agushev " located in the center of the village. But no less interesting are the numerous caves in the area, wonderful beautiful nature protected area " Padala" in biodiversity and historic sites from antiquity , the Middle Ages and Renaissance. In Mogilitsa necessarily visit constant current exhibition of products of Rhodope crafts in the village center.

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