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Smolyan Lakes

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Smolyan lakes are located on the left slope of the valley of Black River and north of Orpheus rocks below, and Mount Snejanka. The lakes are scattered over the whole valley, from Orpheus rocks itself to Smolyan. The first lake is located at the end of Smolyan, on the left of the road to Pamporovo and Plovdiv - Keryanov puddle (also known as Canvas). At the bottom it is barred artificially and thus received a large sized lake. Just above it, 50 meters on the road at the bottom of the meadows is another in a small lake - Milushevi puddle. Higher up along the road to Devon, in neighborhood Ezerovo third lake is located - silage. At the bottom there is a small island in the wildly overgrown cane. There are suitable places for camping and fishing. A little up the road to the big bend is another lake - Osmanov puddle. Around it there are two or three smaller ponds, but some dry in summer. Further up on the way to the hut "Smolyan lakes" and then left, is perhaps the largest lake area - camp. There is also a good places for camping and fishing. The most beautiful are the last three lakes. They are most high in the rocks. Shortly after the departure of the hut "Smolyan Lakes" on the way to lift is grass lake, and on 6 meters away Bistro lake. Bistro Lake is perhaps the most beautiful of the lakes. In its waters are looking spruce on the east end and the other end are like small islands scattered boulders. Top Lake - Cloudy, is located 200 meters from the bistro and grassy lake. There results a steep path that starts from the path that lies between two lakes. When climbing to the top lake tourists should beware - there is danger of falling stones. The view is spectacular, the lake is sheltered in the dense spruce forests just below the rocks. Light it difficult to reach through the tall trees, the waters of the lake seemed dark and black, hence its name is - cloudy.

Smolyan Lakes are one of the secrets of the Rhodopes - attractive, cool, rich with wildlife and healing air. Excursion to the Smolyan Lakes will become discoverers of magnificent water kingdom amidst rocky mountain heart. Mountain paths, markings and signs are so well regulated that you will not get confused. Smolyan lakes are surrounded by aromatic pine forests and lush and interesting natural attractions including the Cave "Uhlovitsa" in the "Blue pools" Maiden rock formations and the bride, reserve "Soskovcheto" and picturesque waterfalls surrounding eco "canyon of waterfalls."

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