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Chelopechene lake

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Sofia, kv. Chelopechene

Chelopechene Lake is located south of the district Chelopechene, Sofia district , next to Lesnovska River , also known as Old Iskar. The lake is the largest of the group of Sofia lakes. Its area varies between 0.8 and 1.1 square kilometers. Interesting is that it is a newly formed lake. In 2005, heavy and torrential rains contribute to severe flooding in the area. Dam "Ognjanovo " channel. Many small ponds are flooded from the river, a short embankment of the dam , destroying everything in its path. Namely its groundwater until then had maintained small ponds.

Currently Chelopechenskoto lake was converted into ballast . The lake is a favorite spot among practitioners freshwater fishing. Incidentally proved suitable for the breeding of white bream fish naturally. Its population does contribute to maintaining the presence of white fish and pike . If you're angler hooks you can catch and big bleak, carp , Roach and Perch . It is worrying that fight poachers increased significantly in recent years. Unable to hunt freely, but with the proper permits and stamps .

Near the lake is Chelopechenskoto Chelopechenskiyat Monastery " Virgin Birth ." Written evidence of it dating back to 1192 during the reign of Tsar . Himself in a special royal decree says: " Christ- John Caliman , king of the Bulgarians and Greeks, endows the monastery with this royal decree gold ." The original of this dokoment is located in Amsterdam , and a copy in the Zograph Monastery on Mount Athos .

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