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Planinets hut

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Hut " Planinets " is located in " Svrachara " area in National Park "Vitosha" at an altitude of 1367 meters . The hut was built in 1937. Over the years several times expanded and changed. Recently been upgraded and refurbished in 2008.

A massive two-storey building with a total bed capacity of 64 seats . The beds are in rooms for two , three , four, five and seven . The majority of them have their own bathrooms and toilets , and the rest are used by the municipality. The chalet has two luxury bedrooms. The building has electricity and water . The heating is done by local heating . Available to visitors on the first floor there is a restaurant in traditional style with a capacity of 70 seats. Offers a wide assortment of dishes and drinks. Directly in front of the chalet has a dedicated parking space. Managed by the Tourist Association " Urvich " - Sofia. The chalet is located in a picturesque mountain with wide sunny meadows on one side and oak and mixed forest on the other. It is suitable for hiking , mountain biking , orienteering and other entertainment.

Starting point to the hut is Sofia. Until it can be reached along a marked trail from the neighborhood " Kniajevo" for approximately 2.00 hours . Another option is a road, which starts from "Boyana " and passes through " Kopitoto " . Travels for 2.00 hours .

Due to its favorable location hut " Planinets " allows guests to easily reach the beautiful " Boyana Waterfall " - 1.30 hours and the " Arboretum " - 0.40 hours , which are worth a visit. Hut " Planinets " several marked tourist routes can take you to the huts , " September", " Momina Skala " and " White Birches " , located on the half hour hike .

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