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Route Dragalevtsi - Aleko hut

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The duration of this relatively heavy route is about 3 hours with displacement of 1,050 meters. Start from the center of the neighborhood Dragalevtsi, on the street " Narcis" and reaches a bridge of Dragalevska River. Here continue along "Krayrechna" upstream. After approximately 15 minutes you can reach the junction where the actual climb starts wide alley . Consistently crossing asphalt roads hut "Aleko" and Dragalevski monastery, continuing along the river, out in the area Pasha Bounar named after the placement in it well, captured in 1906.

Hence the route enters the beech forest and still follows the river, moving through beech forest to the place Nankova well. Here you can choose one of several climbing trails collected again at the ski slope. The track runs parallel to it and gradually reached the ridge at the Golyamo Gradishte. The trail merges with another path and goes south along the rope line to cross the road and in the open, a large meadow to reach the lift station in the area of ​​Bay Krustyo.

Continue south and back out on the road . The route crosses its big turn and start a new steep climb. Several coils lead us to the place Usov covered with beautiful forest. Soon it comes to the extensive lawn sloping to the northeast , whose northwest corner is a fountain suitable for short break.

Should overcome the low altitude and passes the right way that leads to "Salzitsa". In a few minutes you can reach Alekovo well , which unfortunately is also captured . It is located near the main road to the chalet "Aleko" , approximately two and half hours from the starting point of the route.

The last part of the route is traveled by road ( about half a kilometer after the release of it right the trail to the highest peak of Vitosha Black Peak ( 2290 m altitude ) . After a leisurely walk is bypassed hotel "Moreni" and leads to one of the most visited tourist destinations in the mountain hut "Aleko".

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