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Route Knyajevo - Mount Kopitoto

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The starting point of this very popular route in North Vitosha is the tram stop 5 near the mineral fountain in the Sofia district "Knyajevo". Lasts about an hour and a half , and the displacement - 648 m . Hence we turn to the interior of the mountain, the first climb a dozen steps and cross the eastern periphery of the park to overlook a large stone fountain and again climbed the steps that help us quickly to raise height, moving in a nice forest . Not long after crossing the road connecting neighborhoods "Knyajevo" and "Boyana" and our track continues steeply up to the real part of the Vitosha mountain, following the alley paved with stone slabs, which end in a few places have benches.

The restaurant "Bor" you can enjoy 3-4 venerable oak fragile remnant of the once mighty Knyazhevska forest. Walk passes to the left of the house and continues to climb until it reaches the valley Rakovets . Only ten meters before the bridge that crosses it, the route diverges to the left on a narrow path . It crosses a mountain meadow and starts climbing along the new fence.

After about a 20-minute walk through mixed forest leads to the old Belovodski road. Continue along the road, and then the trail following the right bank of the gorge Rakovets. A few minutes later, the route crosses the stream on a concrete culvert and a sharp left turn, which it displayed on the main road from "Boyana" for gold bridges. The path leads to the right bank of the gorge, where built a nice stone fountain . The route continues to follow him and climbs to the low circumferential path.

The trail crosses and walk a narrow path along the gorge there, then encompassing small waterfall again crosses and takes to the ridge . Climbing the ridge is only for experienced and well-trained individuals mountaineers, so other tourists can take a nice path going up. With the climb route becomes more scenic and the slope gradually decreases to curb Planinishki meadows in the northern most part.

Soon the trail connects with the coming of Kapruzov valog and out on the road to Mt Kopitoto ( 1348 meters altitude ) - one of the most panoramic and popular in Sofia. It is reached after about 700 meters.

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