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The starting point of this pleasant and not particularly difficult route is Sofia neighborhood Knyajevo. "Lasts about two hours and the displacement - 655 m . Start from the last stop of tram number 5, where there is a large fountain with mineral water. Climb some stairs and neighborhood park is crossed by passes a stone fountain to reach new steps that climb in Knyazhevska forest.

Then continues littered with stone alley near which they built many recreation areas . Curious sight are several oak trees in front of the restaurant " Bor" - the last remnants of the once venerable Knyazhevska oak forest. The trail goes to the left of the restaurant and continues to climb to reach the valley Rakovets . The route crosses it on a wooden bridge and go up to get out of the old Belovodski road. On it soon reached the White Water .

Here the route continues on stone steps and steep path to Planinishki meadows. The trail branches , we must take to right was bare Iavorov hill, offering plenty of views of the capital. It reaches stages, known as The Balcony , which is a nice place for a short break . The climb continues , first west , then south .

After forming several coils smooth the path reaches the area Cherries, where there are remains of a stone fountain. Shortly thereafter climb to the old road way in which we continue to recruit high east . In the area Karpuzov Valog road finished and starts a steep path , which for twenty yards brings us to the bottom of Planinishki meadows. The area is low-lying plateau Vitosha . Through it pass several tourist routes .

Departs on asphalt road for Kopitoto (right) to hit the road ( after 50 meters ), which climbs smoothly. Hundred meters above deviates another road which for fifteen minutes takes us to the hut "Planinets". The last part of the trail is light and pleasant and offers plenty of panoramic views Vladaiski Black Peak , Mount Ostritza (south ) , Pernik Plain ( west) and all Lyulin Mountain to the north.

Hut " Planinets " is output, intermediate or end point of many routes in Vitosha . It is located in the Svrachar in a nice mixed forest . A two-storey building with a kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms.

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