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Route Simeonovo - Romanski area

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Vitosha is not very large mountain but the route is fairly long (about three and a half hours ). Displacement from its 1020 meters is also proper, so it requires a certain physical condition to that journey . The starting point is the last station of bus 67 which connects "Simeonovo" with the rest of the capital. From here to the mountain targeted street "Vitosha lakes".

Rather nice trail continues between the forest and the villas and reaches the bed of the Old River, walking along its left shore. Here to the route joins coming right path and after about 5 minutes you can reach the area lakes. It is located in a valley widening and owes its name to the two ponds, which are very attractive tourist destination, especially in the warmer months.

Consistently pass the paths to rest homes "Montana" and " Saint George" and soon the route crosses the river to take us to a new place for relaxation with a pond, benches and a shelter. Crosses the Low circumferential path and climb continues alternately on one and then on the other riverbank, reaching the place Koriyata. It takes about another 20 minutes uphill to get to the panoramic ridge area Sovato.

The pillar, marking the high point of the ridge, the route deviates to the south and enters the rare forest in the area of ​​Pisan kamik. Then the slope decreases and reaches the intermediate lift station of "Simeonovo" to hut "Aleko " where there is a fountain. Here continues along a wide promenade and goes out in Popovcho area , where is the vacation home "Vodno Stopanstvo" .

The route continues along the right bank of the river Yanchovska and reached the final of the ski slope "Vitosha Tulip". Here is the bottom station of the lift "Academica 1". Walk up past it, still upstream of Yanchovska river route crosses it several times. Comes at a steep section after overcoming track which brings us to the monument in the area Romanski.

It is located in the upper reaches of the river Yanchovska near the road from "Dragalevtzi" to hut "Aleko". In the past it is called Ashikova meadow, which has been changed in memory of student Paul Romanski, who died here during a blizzard in 1931. Here was built a monument. In this area is the lower lift station "Romanski - Small Rezen". Easy to get to the hut "Aleko".

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