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Somovit Beach

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The beach is located on the bank of the Danube, 50 m altitude. The rest of the village Somovit separates railway. In Somovit a station, which is one of the reasons to come here more tourists than the other beaches in the region. Beach is covered with fine sand, clean and offers excellent opportunities for bathing. Due to impressive standards of the Danube coast length of the beach Somovit enables you to easily find a place to hole up alone, so spend some time in relaxation, enjoying the caressing sun and unchanging breeze.

Riverbed here is sloping, so you can swim safely. However, you should be aware that the coast is not guarded by professional rescuers - always proceed with caution. On the beach you can practice Somovit majority of water sports such as kayaking, boat trips along the picturesque stretches of the river and diving. Of course, the most popular is fishing.

The name of the village comes from the fact that in the past inhabitants made ​​a living mainly from fishing. They were known that traveled across the country and sold catfish that caught in the Danube. Now the fish population may not be quite as impressive, but even experienced fishermen have chances to not come away empty-handed.

On the beach in Somovit you can stay and longer pulling the tent. All the conditions are there because nature here is very picturesque, and the village have the opportunity to get all the products, and to sit in one of the local restaurants to try specific cuisine of the region. If you do not want to sleep in the open and talk to local people will easily find a place to sleep at symbolic prices - they are extremely hospitable. Be sure to visit the church, which was built back in 1859.

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