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Sopot is situated only 5 km from Karlovo, 130 km from Sofia and 64 km from Plovdiv. The town is situated in the northern part of Karlovo valley at the foot of the central part of Stara Planina.

Sopot is an old Bulgarian village founded in the XIV century. 2 km northwest of Sopot towering fortress walls of the medieval Bulgarian fortress Kale Anevsko - part of the medieval town Kopsis, flourished during the XIII-XIV century.

Sopot is one of the centers of the Bulgarian Revival. It was discovered first in the Balkans "shishedzhiynitsa" or glass factory. Is very well developed and rose production.

Sopot is one of the centers of national liberation struggles. It was born as a person formed the patriarch of Bulgarian literature - Ivan Vazov writer

The birthplace of the great Bulgarian writer Ivan Vazov is located in the center of Sopot, the "Vasil Levski" № 1. It is one of 100 national tourist sites. Entrance fee for adults is 2 lev, and talk in Bulgarian - 5 lev. Other interesting buildings in Sopot from the Renaissance period (XVIII - XIX century) are Fratevata, Shosheva, Buddy, Haji Manchovata and Tumbalievata house.

Another landmark is Maiden Convent "Blessed Virgin", which is located in the center of Sopot. Meters away from the convent is the church "St. Peter and Paul ", impressive with its original architecture - the work of masters from Bratzigovo 1846 Another interesting church is the church" St. St. Peter and Paul "- an imposing pseudo-basilica. She keeps a modest iconostasis with two rows of icons. The walls are visible traces of faded frescoes. In the temple kept some very valuable old icons.

About a kilometer from the city at the foot of the mountain is located Sopot monastery "St. Spas." It was founded in the XIII century and is still active. They do not offer food and accommodation, but the lawn in front of him, known as the monastery lawn frequently hosts festivals and traditional events. There in the middle of February is traditionally held Sopot festival "To warm our hearts with love and wine", which celebrated the Trifon's Day grower.

Tourism in the town is numerous. It attracts large numbers of Bulgarians and foreigners with preserved Renaissance style, traditions and culture. The city and the beautiful scenery around it is increasingly emerging as a preferred location for paragliding and mountain biking. Annually Sopot hosts national and international competitions Paragliding multiple disciplines.

In the vicinity of Sopot are many huts, which can be reached on marked trails.

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