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St. St. Konstantin i Helena

Varna monastery "St. St. Konstantin and Elena" is situated 9 km northeast of Varna, within itself "St. St. Konstantin and Elena".

It is not known exactly when the monastery was founded, but legends say that even in the fourteenth century there lived preceptor, which has differentiated along the existing and now the healing fountain-spring. It is likely that this happened during the rule of the Bulgarian King Ivan Alexander (1331-1371). During this period, Venice and Genoa took serious steps to access the Bulgarian Black Sea ports. Venice was the first to conclude a treaty with Bulgaria and the Venetians on the Bulgarian market in Varna. The city settled many of them formed a separate district near the harbor. Genua people hand, a port and a neighborhood outside the city walls, in the northern part of Varna Bay. The neighborhood was fortified with walls and is called "Kastritsi." The remains of the fortress, which was detected and medieval church today come near the palace Evksinograd.

Reign of Tsar Ivan Alexander is associated with the intensive building of churches and monasteries. This is a time when the Bulgarian aristocracy generously donated the building as well as independent churches and monasteries targets. Locals built a small church near a spring near the "Kastritsi." Soon round the church building cells and thus gradually turned into a monastery. The area became a center of spiritual life. The beginning of the now existing fleet around the monastery in the resort "St. St. Constantine and Elena "was launched in 1925 by the founder of the Sea Garden in Varna - Anton Novak.

Part of the monastery and its wealth with the world is holy spring water. Around it was built himself a monastery church, the water rises the altar, under the holy throne. In the monastery are kept and some priceless relics - relics of St. Valentine sveshtenomachenik on Sveti prepodobnomachenitsa Gatchinska Mary and St. Ephesus seven young men: Maximilian Yamvlih, Martini, John Bacchus, Eksakustodian (Constantine) and Antoninus.

Most recently, the treasury of the monastery enriched with two shrines. On November 20, 2011 - with the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan of Varna and Veliki Cyril, here are greeted particles of the relics of Saints Constantine and Helen, a piece of the Holy Cross.

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St. St. Konstantin i Helena - Attraction Monastery St. St. Konstantin i Helena - Attraction Monastery St. St. Konstantin i Helena - Attraction Monastery