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Historical Museum Stara Zagora

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Stara Zagora, 42, bul. Ruski

Regional Museum of History in Stara Zagora is located in the center of Stara Zagora - city of Linden and straight streets. Stara Zagora museum was originally located in the school room. In 1912 built building which houses the city library and museum collections. Stara Zagora museum officially opens its doors to visitors in 1949

Today, the historical museum has over 170 000 exhibits, of which 86,000 are permanent exhibitions. From the entrance of the building will end up at the second exposition, which shows the sections "Prehistory" and "Ancient". Here, among the many exhibits can be seen Thracian burial ornaments, antique axes, and pottery vessels from antiquity. The greatest interest is in the open Amashkata mound marble human figure from the early Neolithic. The exhibition "Antiquity" interesting are the collections of bronze objects, parts of weapons and unique votive marble tile on the Thracian horseman of II-IIIc.

The first level of the museum is very attractive, because there you can see a fully restored antique street in the past, connecting the southern to the northern port city to look at the defense equipment and vehicles from the distant past.

Sections "Middle Ages" and "Ottoman Period and Renaissance" is on the third level of the museum. There you can see different ornaments, weapons and crafts. The "Ottoman period and the Renaissance" are particularly interesting collection of rifles and revolvers, as well as extensive photographs of XV-XIX century. There is also a copy of the Slav-Bulgarian History of 1837, the flag of the rebels from Stara Zagora in 1875 and a model of Renaissance city.

An area of 390 square meters was deployed last fourth level, where the present temporary exhibitions, conduct readings and other cultural events.

The museum is selling various information materials and souvenirs. The museum relies on Monday and talk to the Bulgarian will cost 10 lv

Working hours: 10:00 to 18:00

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