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Neolithic houses

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The museum "Neolithic houses" are located in Stara Zagora and contains findings that are of great importance for the history of mankind. In the museum are exhibited two dwellings from the Neolithic, which dates back to VI century BC and are best preserved in Europe from this period. Both homes were suddenly burned millennia ago, which is the main reason to be so well preserved. The flats are one bedroom with a common walls and common roof of straw and noise, built of wooden stakes, interlaced with thin rods smeared with a mixture of clay and straw.

The museum "Neolithic houses" is a museum "in situ", which means that it is built on the very archaeological find to prevent discovery. The permanent exhibition "Prehistoric Art in Stara Zagora" in the museum shows the best models found in archaeological research in this and other mounds in the region of Stara Zagora. An interesting exhibit is a musical instrument tarambuka, which is dated V millennium BC and was probably used in religious rituals.

The collection of images figurines in the museum provides information about beliefs and cults of the ancient people. Some of the detected images are depicted with their hands raised, which is typical prayer position in sun worship.

In the museum are exhibited patterns found during excavations of Neolithic houses from the era, which gives us unique information about how the buildings look ancient people.

The price talk for a group is 10 lv. The museum rests Sunday and Monday.

Working hours: 09:00 to 17:30

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