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Stara Zagora

Starting point for the route can be used any place in the city of Stara Zagora , but it is appropriate to go from the park " Metropolitan Methodius Kusev " much more popular as a " Holy Spring " . Distance to the village Borilovo is about 10 km and takes approximately two hours with a normal course , under favorable weather conditions. Take northwest , the first stop on the route is Voevodski fountain.

The trail gradually lost its character as a park alley and out of Stara Zagora , reaching the outskirts of town. The vegetation becomes more uncultivated and time going into a real forest. The transition is relatively easy . Suitable for adult tourists, nature lovers with not very good physical condition and family outings with young children .

Without passing through any steep or difficult sections route reaches Voevodski fountain - one of the favorite places for local residents picnics . Soon the track ceases to be paved and becomes covered with remnants of an ancient stone road. It reaches a new fountain, which can also be used to resting place.

Before the route to take us to the place Oreshaka waiting for us and the steepest edge during the transition. It is a relatively serious slope with a length of 300 meters, whose ascent may be uncomfortable or tiring mainly during the hottest days in summer. However, there is nothing scary , and in Oreshaka tourists can relax again as a place for a picnic with a fountain and a barbecue.

After another more serious slant path enters the territory of the district " Dubrava " , a former village and has all the features of the past. There is relatively mountainous and compared to the center of Stara Zagora, its climate is characterized by cool nights in the summer and more frequent snowfalls in winter . Then the route continues , descending on a nice wide loops through a forest , in places with meadows .

Before Borilovo village , the end point of the route , there is a fountain near which it is appropriate to rest, but in recent years it is going to be dry. The trail gradually descends into the gardens and suburbs of the village . Borilovo is located about 500 meters above sea level. Its old name is Kutludzha and in the last few decades is increasingly becoming a preferred destination for local residents , many of whom buy houses here . Borilovo has regular bus service to the district town .

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