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Stara Zagora Zoo

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Stara Zagora

Zoo Stara Zagora is one of the biggest on the Balkan Peninsula. Located in the northern part of the city - this is the park " Holy Spring " . It is a favorite for kids and adults of all generations. Zoo in the park for decades enjoyed unprecedented interest. Zoo dates back to 1957, when at the site of present-day site of badminton . Later moved to the east to take its present location . The zoo is the largest in area in Bulgaria . Located on 240 acres . The territory of the zoo is valuable species planted there by its founders . Along with asphalt lanes for road transport - service zoo past all cells pass and walkways with stone . Throughout the alleys are located benches and resting on them, visitors can fully relax . At the entrance of the zoo to the room at the checkout and security , and against it is located Kipro café built of wood, which perfectly fits into the landscape. In Zoo grown approximately 450 copies of about 80 species of mammals, birds and amphibians . You can see animals from all continents without wiping Antarctica. Tradition of the Zoo 's successful breeding of brown bear . Not accidentally statue of two stone bears that greet visitors at the entrance has become its symbol . Moving counterclockwise along the avenue in front of visitors began to alternate cells of birds are razpollozheni both sides . Against the cage of the Golden Eagle is administrative building for the staff, and above it has formed a wonderful playground with wooden castle parzalka and swings as well as many benches for parents of kids . At - northern lane are cells of jaguars and brown bears . Descending the south visitors see the cells for small predators - cats, foxes , martens . Walking along the lane to the right of the visitors reach raptors . Follow cells for predators such as wolves and jackals, badgers , and last in this line is the cell of raccoon . Most of the herbivores - mouflon , goats, yaks , ponies run free in the enclosure of about 15 acres . Surrounding visitors reach the room of the Apes . Of course, most visitors flock to end feline cells and especially to that of the Lion King , who proudly walked there. The composition of the animals increased almost every year, and this indicates clearly that the animals in Stara Zagora Zoo found their true owners. Of course , care for the inhabitants of the zoo is enhanced by well trained professionals who care for the comfort and living animals. Besides the zoo near a few other interesting sights that are worth visiting. These are the monuments of Aleko Konstantinov and Methods Kusev , hall of distorting glasses , sports complex " Beroe " and others. The zoo is open daily to visitors during the summer with extended hours , so be sure to visit this wonderful place for relaxation and recreation on weekends .

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Working hours: 08:30 to 17:30

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