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Cycling route Trigrad - Chairite...

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The starting point of this rather difficult bike route is one of the jewels of the Central Rhodopes - Trigrad known natural and historical sites in the area and is preserved spirit, architecture and cultural values. The trail leads him to the main asphalt road to the north, literally squeezing through incredibly beautiful Trigradsko gorge, where the full force him feel the majesty of nature and the insignificance of man in front of her.

By your sides rise huge in tens of meters high cliffs that seem to meet somewhere above, omitting only a narrow strip of sunlight and powerful river descends, rumbles its rocky bed. A place where Chairska flows into Trigradska river valley is the extension where the famous local Osmanov pool. Here, the right of the road were built fountain and shelter - an excellent place to hide a sudden deterioration in the weather or even overnight.

The trail continues to the southeast, so it is necessary to turn right and follow the macadam road, moving against the flow of the river Chairska. This is the most difficult section of the route, as for eleven kilometers climb, overcoming serious displacement. Particularly severe physical effort required last four kilometers, when the route takes you to the other riverbank and began climbing. When he finally quit at a gentle stretch to reach the so-called rock socketed where the route passes through an artificial tunnel in a huge rock.

From here the river descends exit left. Following is a short but steep climb to the protected area "chair". Here there is a shelter and a fountain where it is nice to take a break, because you wait a new steep climb - to the highest part of Chairite. Kara is about half an hour on the rocky road. The effort, however, definitely pays off, because going out in saddle, offering panoramic views of almost all the hills of the Central Rhodopes.

After a short descent, you find yourself on the meadow at the east end a T-junction where you must continue left towards the village Chamla. 600 meters move through wide meadows and then track leads east (right). You are about to overcome another steep section at the end of which there was. Here take the road leading north.

In some places there are relatively dangerous and poorly maintained areas, but caution will not have problems to descend at the end point of the route village of Mugla, where you can find nice restaurants, shops and guest houses. If you prefer, you have plenty of places in the surrounding area where the tent to stretch or lie down in his sleeping bag directly under the bright stars.

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