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Trigrad is small and beautiful village nestled in the infinite charm and warmth of the Western Rhodopes. It is located near the border with Greece. According to archaeological finds discovered this territory was inhabited in ancient times. Here lived different ancient tribes, each of which has left part of themselves and their culture as a legacy for future generations. They appreciated the merits and the fertility of land and stunning scenery, vital source of wealth for them. The name of the village probably comes from the Thracian word „Ibrie Three”, which translated means "three cities". Local legend says that when Orpheus blew the wind lull between the trees, as if listening to his music, the birds stopped in the air and the animals stopped in the forest paths, and tame beasts. When the Maenads tore singer and threw him into the river, every drop of his blood turned into a beautiful mountain flower called „haberlea” whose delicate colors are scattered mountain meadows. In Trigrad of 2003 in early August festival is held on the Orphic mysteries.

Nowadays Trigrad is famous tourist destination. Many visitors flock here to enjoy the extraordinary rock formations, formations and wonders sculpted by time and nature.

Among the most unique places to visit is Yagodinska cave. It has a length of 10 km. and width of three floors. Its stalactites, stalagmites and stalactones are simply unique. Devil's Throat is also very well known to most lovers of tourism. Dreadful name derived from the previous input and output is now something like the devil's head. In one of its halls can accommodate even the Sofia cathedral "Alexander Nevsky".

Remarkable and indescribable beauty is Trigrad Gorge. It is long at 7 km. and the third longest gorge in Bulgaria.

In the village there are many guest houses with rooms where accommodation varies between 10 and 20 lev per night per person. The village offers its guests many attractions and opportunities for active recreation: operates horse riding, offering horse riding and training with an instructor, organizing marches with bikes 'Enduro' with a guide, there are opportunities for rock climbing and paragliding.

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