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Ecopath Dostupna sreda

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The starting point of the trail " Accessibility " is the top of the mountain pass Troyan - Karnare . The area is known as Beklemeto and is the route of the International tourist route " Kom - Emine " following the ridge of the mountain.

Eco is specially adapted for disabled people and starts from the parking lot below the peak Edelweiss, which is a memorial arch of freedom. It is located 15 minutes east of the highest point of Beklemeto and symbolizes the gratitude of the Bulgarian people to the Russian liberators in 1878 the Soviet Army, which changed the regime in 1944 and the beginning of the socialist government of Bulgaria . If we disregard the strong political burden they carry the messages expressed by the builders of the arch of freedom , we can say that it is one of the relatively successful attempts of the current in the art known as Socialist Realism. At least with regard to the fact that their 35 meters stands proudly on the Stara Planina and was seen by tens of kilometers .

From the pedestal of arch Impressive panoramas in all directions. The west and east see if the infinite series of mighty mountain peaks Vejen ( west ) to Botev (east ) . To the north , below us was sprawled valley Trojan, and to the south on a clear day we can see not only among the forest , but even Rila and Rhodope Mountains .

The route of the eco-trail follows the route of the " Kom - Emine ' east to the hut" Dermenka "but leave him in place Vlashki dairies, take a left . Nearby was built a recreation area with wooden tables and benches. Hence also found stunning views , but hardly should be surprised if it is on the main Stara Planina ridge and almost all over Bulgaria at our feet .

At this point there are many information boards giving us interesting facts about the National Park "Central Balkan" characteristics of the treeless zone along the ridge of the mountain and its inhabitants. From eco " Accessible Environment " makes a new turn left and after a few tens of meters back on the track , which brings us back to Beklemeto .

The transition is very easy and pleasant , and the highest point of the Troyan Pass is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bulgaria . Nearby are pretty chalets, so you can choose where to spend the night , if not in a hurry to get back home in civilization. However, in this part of the Stara Planina she was just going to miss you . Huts rather like hotels, and among them may be traveling with cars on a dirt road.

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