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Steneto Reserve

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Biosphere reserve "Steneto" is one of the largest reserves in Bulgaria . It is part of the Central Balkan National Park . It was declared a reserve on 5 April 1979 and then turn increases its surface area is 3,500 hectares. It covers the whole upper reaches of the river Cherni Osam . This is one of the most desolate places, which offers the opportunity to study nature on it without any influence of man. Relief Steneto is highly uneven and varied. Here you can see the rock formations with fantastic shape and caves, cavities in rocks and more. Within the sanctuary wall is homonymous gorge . The reserve is one of the longest karst caves in Bulgaria - Kumanitsa . Here is located the deepest cave in the country - Raichova hole 377 meters deep . Various conditions and karst canyon determine the availability of a wide variety of plant species. The " wall" they are more than a thousand . Many of them are rare and endangered. Among them are the yew , juniper , spurge laurel , haberlea . It's also perhaps the largest habitat of laurel in the country. Exceptional natural wealth of the "Steneto" coexists in perhaps the best-preserved , almost untouched by human hand in Bulgaria . In some places there is stunning scenery hundred meters high cliffs alternate with dizzying thirty or forty meter pits, the bottom of which sparkle waterfalls. Particularly striking Haidushkoto games. "Steneto" is recognized bird kingdom - the number of identified species is greater than in any other mountain reserves. Furthermore tireless woodpeckers, owls and forest songbirds in the "Steneto" have survived the imperial eagle, falcon and other hobby . Inaccessible naturally reserved Kumanitsa canyons and dry river is one of the safest , yet most important Bulgarian refuges for the bear - form, almost exterminated in Europe. The presence of otters in the lower parts of the reserve proves the high quality and purity of the rivers. Directorate of the park make accessible for visitors wild beauty of Steneto with the four hiking trails . They reveal the pure and majestic scenery that has built its temple here . Real gift is to have in our land such a wonderful place!

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