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Gabra Reserve

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Reserve Gabra is one of the oldest in Bulgaria . Located in the " Little Sredok " 5 km from the village Tsurvaritsa . It has the status of reserve maintained . Back in 1949 was declared a reserve in order to protect the ancient forest of pine , which is known for its qualities. Gabra occupies nearly 90 hectares of mountain Vlahina altitude 900-1100 meters. To the reserve from the village takes about 1 hour - 1 hour and 30 minutes reserve is an area : 89.60 ha , of which about 85% black pine, beech 5% , 10% oak , hornbeam and others. Only in reserve Gabra in the Republic of Bulgaria meets Macedonian oak and mountain maple, which was named Balkan endemic. The average age of the pine forest is 120-150 by representatives of the animal world most commonly found wild boar , deer , wolves , foxes .

Starting point for Reserve Gabra is Tsurvaritsa village , which is located about 40 km from Kyustendil. The village has a regular bus service. Reserve Gabra is located in the border area because of its proximity to the Republic of Macedonia. Tourists decided to visit the reserve must seek assistance from the border police checkpoint near the village Tsurvaritsa , but it is desirable first obtaining permission to visit.

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