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Museum of Natural History Varna

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Varna, Morska gradina

The building of Varna Museum of Natural History is located in the northern part of the Sea Garden and was built in 1917 - 1918 by the then Ministry of War to the needs of border troops as headquarters of the 15th Battalion of the Frontier Military District Varna. For long-term management of the militaries to 1955, the area, where the museum is now located, was known as the "Border area".

The museum was officially opened on July 22, 1962 by Vasil Nikolov - head of the "Education and culture". Museum studies and promotes geology, plant and animal life of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. In the museum funds kept over 20,000 exhibits connected to tabs Geology, Paleontology, Botany, Zoology and Exotica. Varna Museum of Natural History owns approximately complete collection of freshwater and marine species in the Bulgarian sector of the Black Sea, and geological and mineralogical collection. The museum exhibition is divided into three sections: Geology, Flora and Fauna.

The first section presents the origin and formation of the earth, the origin of plant and animal organisms, presented Mesozoic fossils erea (geological era between 248 million and 65 million years ago, when large reptiles prevailed and appeared bony fishes, birds, mammals and trees with leaves) and Tertiary (geologic epoch spanning the emergence of deciduous trees and mammals 65 million years ago). The second section, "Vegetation" presents some major plant groups characteristic of the local region - algae, plants salty soils and sands, dense vegetation and endemic plants. Attention is paid to the Black Sea algae as primary producers of organic matter in the Black Sea. The fauna of the region is represented by invertebrates and vertebrates arranged in systematic order - from unicellular to mammals.

The museum rests in winter - Sunday and Monday, and during the summer only on Monday.

Working hours: 10:00 to 17:00

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