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Pasha Dere beach

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Pasha Dere is the southernmost beach of Varna, located fifteen kilometers from the city center. Located to built ten kilometers from the "Black Sea", south of the neighborhood "Galata". While at the beach to reach the road, which in its last stretch is a dirt road Pasha dere is very picturesque and has remained almost untouched by mass tourism. This is mainly due to the remoteness and the main tourist destinations. It is therefore preferred by lovers of solitude and recreation in a quiet place.

The beach here is clean and wide, covered with fine sand. The sea is warm and clear, extremely rich in flora and fauna, and the whole area is a protected area status landmark. The flora and fauna here are the best preserved in Europe and are very diverse. In Pasha Dere has a picturesque lake, known as Lima.

Because of the excellent conditions offered, and the lack of any building, Pasha Dere is a favorite place for camping and sunbathing, especially of young and adventurous tourists. There is a nudist beach. While it offers seclusion, Pasha dere near huts "Chernomorets" and "Veteran" and is a starting or end point of many hiking trails in the area.

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