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Sea garden Varna

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Sea Garden is a symbol of Varna. Its beautiful and breezy alleys are situated throughout the city promenade. Characteristic of Sea Garden are maintained beautiful garden, quiet lanes, beautiful diverse natural vegetation and the numerous cultural monuments located within her

The impressive main entrance of the Sea garden landscaped with columns was built in 1939 by the then chief project architect Georgi Popov. After liberation in 1881 the mayor of Varna Mihail Columns proposes to create an urban garden around the theater and sea park. The idea is viewed quite skeptically by the local parliament, which granted a small amount of effort. Insistence of the mayor and some of his entourage, however, gradually succeed. Classifying are 26 acres of park and planted 130 trees. Renowned archeologist Karel Shkorpil who lives in Varna, invited at the request of the municipality landscapers Czech Anton Novak, glorified with the construction of Schönbrunn and Belvedere palaces in Vienna. The architect took to heart the task entrusted to it and the place was quickly cleaned, mapped and planted the first rare plants.

Sea Garden of Varna offers many opportunities for entertainment - it has an amphitheater, Space Center, observatory, planetarium and a tower, many playgrounds and small rowing channel for children, pool for water wheels and a zoo. Summer theater is a center for many activities, the most significant of these include the Varna Days of Music, the world famous International Ballet Competition and the days "Varna Summer" - Triennial of Art. The options for dining and entertainment are also rich - coastal restaurants, pizzerias, bistros, pubs, snack bars, clubs and discos. The uniqueness of Varna Seaside Park comes from its natural extension to the beach and sea and smooth gradation of the park with the sea landscape.

If you are in Varna and not take a walk in Seaside Park, then if you were not there. The park extends along almost the entire coast of the sea capital and its cool paths and benches, which are fabulous views of the sea and ships, is a favorite place for both locals and guests of the city.

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