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The Roman Baths Varna

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Varna, ul. San Stefano

The Roman Baths are located in the southeast of the modern city of Varna, near the port and are among the best preserved monuments of the ancient period in Bulgaria . Were built in the Roman era , the end of the II century and represent the largest Roman bath in the Balkans. According to surveys, the height of the arched structure was more than 20 meters and the total area of the facility about 7,000 square meters bathroom is operational by the end of the III century . They had an important social function in the ancient Odesos that from 15 BC . is part of the Roman Empire in the province of Moesia, but retains some independence ( such as the right to mint its own coins and no Roman garrison ) . As a major port of Moesia , the city was heavily influenced by the Roman culture , as evidenced and baths .

The ruins are fairly well understood, although the two fenced areas have built houses and churches, in which it is certain that lie many ancient buildings and artifacts. Baths have attracted the interest of historians and archaeologists long before starting excavations . Even in 1906 , the Austrian scientist E. Kalinka determined ruins as the ancient building , but most significant contribution to the induction of scientific interest in the antiquity and preservation and have Shkorpil brothers .

In the nineteenth century cellars of the baths were used as a prison called by the Turks Ichkale . Stambolovists closed and tortured here in 1892 Petko Voivode .

Today in the summer in the baths operating summer theater and concerts . The museum is open to visitors from November to March by appointment .

Working hours: 10:00 to 17:00

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