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Successor to ancient civilizations, survivor of the vicissitudes of time, today the city of Varna is one of the most beautiful Bulgarian towns, not without reason called the Pearl of the Bulgarian seaside. The city is located on the north and west coast of the Varna Bay and the northeast coast of the lake. South of the strait connecting the bay and lake are only Asparuhovo and Galata districts. On the north coast are the main industrial zone and port complex. Northeast of them are the central part of the historic center (so-called. "Greek quarter") and the city beach. Situated in tiers, following the curve of Varna Bay, and around it there are numerous gardens, vineyards and woodlands. The beach is 17 km long, its area is 651 sq m.

Tourism is one of the major industries in the economic structure of Varna Municipality. Resorts Golden Sands, St. Constantine and Helena, Riviera and Sunny Day are world famous, and three of them have won Blue Flag award for best beach. Resorts offer many opportunities for sports, spa and entertainment.

The city is inhabited since ancient times, as was one of the largest antique towns in the Black Sea. From this period that numerous monuments, some of which are in the exposure of the Historical Museum. It presents findings at the Varna Necropolis, the oldest gold treasure in the world dating back six thousand years ago. Natural and historical landmarks around Varna, which include protected areas Aladja, Kazashko, the "Eco-park" - university botanical garden and park Golden Sands, creating additional opportunities for recreation and tourism.

Cathedral The Holy Mother has become the emblem of the seaside capital, also Pantheon, Clock Tower, built in 1880, which is located opposite the cathedral in downtown. In the center of Seaside Park is located Varna zoo. Not far from him is the Terrarium "Exotic Zoo", where you can see exotic animals. The Dolphinarium is one of the favorite attractions for children and guests of Varna. There are daily performances regardless of the season. There is also a saloon with panoramic windows, from where they can monitor underwater play of the dolphins. Asparuhovo bridge is the longest bridge in Bulgaria and connects the city center neighborhoods Asparuhovo and Galata. It is known for bungee jumping, to be held. In Varna organized many festivals, the most popular of which is the international choir gathering at the end of May. Take place in June International Theatre Holidays - part of the Festival "Varna Summer". Preferred is the international festival for orchestras and ensembles performing classical music in July and August. Other important cultural events are: folk festival with international participation, held in August, the International Film Festival "Love is Folly" in September, the festival of Bulgarian cinematography "Golden Rose" Festival and puppet theaters Golden Dolphin in October.

New cultural and tourist information center is located in the city center, Square St. St. Cyril and Methodius, opposite the Cathedral.

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