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Ecopath Ivanchona lawn

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Ecopath " Ivanchona lawn " starts near famous for its mineral springs and beautiful scenery Varshetz . Its length is about 6 km and travels with easy walk for about 1.5-2 hours. The route crosses Ivanchona meadow , its name, and reaches the natural landmark waterfalls.

Transition is relatively lightweight, suitable for beginners and groups of tourists with small children. Eco trail can be traveled in all seasons , and , of course, the most preferred are the late spring , summer and autumn. The track find remarkable views of the West Stara planina and a symbol of Varshets - peak Todorini Kukli ( 1785 meters altitude ) to the city and water cascade , near where the route ends . Along the transition are a number of places pinkik and camping. This makes it particularly preferred destination of a peaceful and harmonious minded tourists and those seeking a holiday in nature , while in need of basic amenities for the kids , or for any other reason .

In the area of ​​eco-trail can be found a number of endangered plant species , berries , while suitable for this weather, and various types of edible mushrooms . Of course, the area is rich in species as scenic and beautiful West Balkan is one of the few still retain some of their virginity over the country .

With every right we can assume Waterfall as the culmination of the entire transition. It is reached after a short descent through the dank forest. In fact , it is rather a series of several waterfalls , one of which impresses with size and beauty. The place is a favorite for relaxation and swimming in the summer. Nestled in a deep gorge , waterfall provides much needed heat to cool . Above the water jump is built bridge , which offers wonderful views of the roaring waters of the river .

Although relatively little known , eco " Ivanchona field" can provide you with an excellent stay and great views without having to " bear down " a lot. And after the end of the transition can stay in Varshetz or just take a walk in this picturesque mountain town and have fun in his bars .

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