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Todorini kukli eco trail

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The starting point of the trail , " Momini kukli " is located in the Green day , next to the neighborhood of Varshets - " Zanozhene ." Hence it climbs through one of the most picturesque parts of the Balkan share Koznitsa to 1785 m high peak Teddy dolls.

Transition is relatively difficult because of the large displacement and overall length of about eight hours. All efforts , however, are worth it because trail "Teddy dolls " offers visitors an amazing variety of sights - the eponymous peak beech forests , mighty mountain slopes and at the end of a visit Klisurski monastery , which was built in the XIII century and was the third largest in Bulgaria .

The climb from baseline to peak Teddy dolls is fairly steep , but not very long (about 5 km). If you choose a suitable weather, you can enjoy in all their greatness remarkable panoramas that unfold during the climb and from the top. Teddys Dolls is one of the most beautiful peaks in the whole of Western Stara Planina. Champion is the side towards the main ridge Koznitsa share .

It involves exciting legend young Todor decided to set an example to the young men from the nearby village Spanchevtsi not dare to get on top at night. At dawn she went up , promising that it would freeze its tow ( doll of the local dialect ) the highest of the three Chuki forming the top. Beauty managed to climb but when tow stuck in the ground , quietly hang of it, and the skirts of his attire . Went home , Todor startled because I thought that an evil spirit to keep her clothes and her heart burst . Since then, the peak is named Teddy dolls (where) .

Descent to Klisurski monastery "St. Cyril and Methodius " is no less picturesque than climbing to mountain ridge. The trail winds through the cool forest of old beeches rising doing their mighty trunks of dozens of meters high . The monastery was founded during the reign of Tsar Ivan Asen II ( probably in 1240 ) . During the Ottoman rule the Bulgarian lands destroyed and looted several times , but the locals restore it with remarkable tenacity. The last time it was built in 1869 and subsequently upgraded more wings .

Klisura monastery of tourists can be returned to Varshetz foot, bus, bicycle and even a carriage. The total length of the trail , " Teddys Dolls " is about 10 kilometers, but in appropriate weather conditions it is available for every lover of natural and cultural attractions.

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