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Eco trail Veselinovo

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Years ago - quite common, the region is known mainly for the local population. But along Veselinovo honor to be called home village of the Bulgarian President Zhelev, it gained fame with suitable for ecotourism area. With the support of the Foundation of Dr. Zhelev has financed the construction of eco-trail in the vicinity of the village. The route has a total length of about 8 km and begins immediately after the exit of Veselinovo towards Karnobat. Following the curves of the road is reached in the region of the first landmark included in the project. A small sign directs the attention of tourists to the Falls "Great Leap Forward." If you came here by car, you need to get rid of its services to descend on foot towards the direction of which lies the beautiful sound of falling water. The coolness of the high and inaccessible cliffs around the tranquility of greenery, the songs of birds - believe me, every detail here suggests the perfection of nature. Wow petdesetmetrov heavy drop of water fascinates everyone arrived at the foot of the cliffs and felt the freshness of the water spray. The feeling of joy is full and only search and restless spirit of inquisitive tourists will make you leave here, to proceed to the next natural sites along the route - waterfall "Little Jump" cave "Sarah" and the "Daily Meal." "Small jump" is so named because of the smaller height of fall, but is still as charming and even somewhat mysterious, shy cloak of forest green leaves around. Exit the cave "Sarah" is a colorful and attractive, but it should be noted that the entry inside the unprepared with special equipment and lighting people - not recommended. The area "Sofrata" is naked with striated rock grooves - no vegetation, while - located amidst the forest. Massive amounts of rock and striations in it give rise to some scholars of the region to consider further Thracian times, here are performed rituals and sacrifices to the gods for peace and prosperity and it is likely the site is used for ancient observatory to measure the time in summer and winter solstice. If you are prepared for a picnic - along the route there is sufficient and appropriate places for that. Shelters, fountains, wooden tables and benches, fireplaces - easily find them, and you will not regret that you are headed right now.

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