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The city lies on the Danube river and is the first major Bulgarian port on the river flow. Vidin is a town with history. It was created back in antiquity. There was a place of ancient Celtic settlement Duno, where the Romans later built a fortified city named Bono, then Bulgarians called it Bdin.

Baba Vida Fortress, located on the Danube is the main landmark of the city. It is the only fully preserved medieval castle in Bulgaria. Around the fort was excavated a deep pit that was filled with water. In the fortress there is theater and musical exposure. Vidin is the largest city near the Bulgarian natural phenomenon Belogradchik rocks and Magura cave. Another landmark is the Turkish konak "Koluka", which was built in the second half of XVIII century. Later it was significant variation - after liberation were inserted elements of Bulgarian Renaissance architecture, and now is converted into a museum. The monument Bdintsi was erected of the central square in memory of the fallen officers and soldiers in the two Balkan wars and WWI. There is a ossuary of killed during the Serbian - Bulgarian War in 1885. Very interesting is the cruciform barracks - a cultural monument of regional significance, it is governed by ethnographic collection of the Historical Museum. Over the centuries Vidin had always been a regional center of various religions and therefore today is rich in temples. The cathedral of St. Demetrius is the second largest church in Bulgaria after Alexander Nevsky, was built in XVII century in the same century were built the churches of St. Panteleimon and St. Petka that are half buried in the ground and were built on the foundations of earlier temples. Pride of the people is the Danube urban garden. The park extends about a kilometer along the Danube river to Baba Vida fortress. It is a favourite place for walk of all residents and guests of Vidin. Under the thick shadows of old trees to feel cool and smell of water, especially nice in the summer heat.

The park is modeled on the British and Austrian parks with well-shaped box tree and shrubs located in the beautiful green fields and clean. The grass is green and are supported with an abundance of fresh flowers. Canopy of huge trees have formed a canopy over the wide central lane for pedestrians and cyclists. Many sights can be seen there: the river station, art gallery, Telegraph pepper, mosque and library Pazvantoglu, Baba Vida Fortress, and many other historical monuments.

The park has many facilities located along the river, where the views of the Danube and the Romanian coast is incredible. Especially fun is the visit of the Danube garden evening when she alives by people and music, and in the air is the fragrance of flowers and river. Tired of walking, a person can sit in an attractive boat in the river and transformed into exotic restaurants to cool and delicious snack of fish and delicacies.

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