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Veliytsa peak

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Veliytsa is the highest peak ( 1,712 m , although various sources indicate between 1711 and 1715 m ) in the Rhodope Veliyshko - Videnishki the Western Rhodopes and actually giving part of the name of this title . It rises in the northwest of the main ridge . Veliytsa important orographic and hydrographic unit, located 35 km from Velingrad and 10 km from Avramovo . It is made of granite. Soils are brown mountain forest . The slopes are covered with coniferous forests of spruce and pine and are drained by a river and river Konarsko Palatik . The peak itself is a flattened surface in the shape of flat Gurbishte occupied by visokopolaninsko pasture and potato fields .

By 1912 this place existed border crossing between Bulgaria and Turkey. Remnants of it can still be seen today. There are plans to renovate the monument of Bulgarian soldiers from the 27th Infantry Regiment and Chepin 39th Infantry Regiment, died on the first day of the Balkan War , which lies at the top. In the battle of Mount Veliytsa of the 39th Infantry Regiment killed three officers , 30 soldiers , 50 were wounded. 27th Infantry Regiment Chepin killed two people and injured six . All dead were buried on Mount Veliytsa .

A route that will take you to the border between the Rila and Rhodope Mountains in Avramov saddle . Thence along the ridge of Veliyshko - Videnishki Rhodope share , including extremely clean and beautiful places you will go down in the quiet valley of Sofandere , along which you will return in Velingrad. In the summer day is long, so read the time and pass it possible fruitful . From Velingrad to Avramov saddle there are two options : drive on the highway Velingrad - Razlog and light rail .

It is recommended by rail, which is interesting because of the beautiful places through which , and for the sake of atmosphere reigns in it. Railroad traces Valley Ablanica passes through stations Tsvetino and Petka . Then through a system of tunnels, describing sixes and eights climbs to Avramovo station - the highest station in the Balkans - 1267 m asl The trip takes about 1.5 hours From the station you go to the main road in the direction of tribes . After about 500 meters right wean road that takes you to the land on the opposite hillside village Avramovo . By there is a direct path starting from the station itself , but it is quite steep . Cross the village and take the dirt road , holding the ridge to the southwest . This road is marked as part of the Rila - Rhodope path . The road climbs the slope , all the time Avramovo peak Veliytsa is very scenic .

Continue southwest for about 2 hours to climb Mount Veliytsa .

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